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Antivaxxers still ‘delusional’ and ‘dangerous’ - BioBlog

Alison Campbell Nov 06, 2017

Aaron Leaman’s excellent storyA in the Waikato Times and in Stuff used those words, and I’m sticking with them – because those adjectives describe the majority of the comments on the relevant FB page. When Aaron interviewed me for that story, I commented that it’s essential for scientists and doctors to continue to confront the waves of anti-vaccine … Read More

Dealing with Advocates of Pseudoscience - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 22, 2011

One of the frustrating things about dealing with advocates of pseudoscience is the way they misuse scientific language. It reminds me a little of the following Catherine Tate skit. (Note – if the link does not work straight away click on it again to open the clip in Youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma8Vwkpx5y8&feature=related I have no problem talking about science with someone … Read More