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Climate change could alter ocean food chains, leading to far fewer fish in the sea - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 26, 2018

Jefferson Keith Moore, University of California, Irvine This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Climate change is rapidly warming the Earth and altering ecosystems on land and at sea that produce our food. In the oceans, most added heat from climate warming is still near the surface and will take centuries … Read More

Listen up: many farmed fish are hard of hearing – here’s why it matters - Guest Work

Guest Author May 03, 2016

By Tim Dempster, University of Melbourne and Stephen Swearer, University of Melbourne The swift rise of aquaculture as a major supplier of protein to the world is a remarkable story of rapid domestication of marine and freshwater animals. Just a few years ago, the world produced more tonnage of farmed fish than it … Read More

Another green growth report - The Dismal Science

Bill Kaye-Blake Nov 14, 2012

The industry advocacy group Pure Advantage has released another report. When I tried to download the report or the executive summary, it insisted on an email address. This seemed a bit strange, a bit controlling, frankly. The report runs to about 300 pages. I have not read it, and doubt that I will. Long reports [...] … Read More