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Aquaflow plays its bargaining chips smartly - Stick

Peter Kerr May 03, 2012

One of the more interesting aspects of Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation’s deal with CRI Catalyst Company of the USA, is having bargaining chips or cards in your hand. Last September Marlborough-based Aquaflow announced a partnership of its wild-algae biofuel generating technology … Continue reading → … Read More

Aquaflow: next-gen biofuels a commercial reality - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 22, 2012

Positive news this week from the Nelson-based algae company Aquaflow whose fortunes we have followed on Hot Topic over the past three years. I last reported on them in August 2011, when they had signed an agreement for joint testing and evaluation with Texas-based CRI Catalyst Company (CRI). Now they have announced a full technology [...] … Read More

Aquaflow in Multi-Biomass Venture - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 31, 2011

Nelson-based algae company Aquaflow, whose progress we have reported on frequently in past posts has announced another engagement with an overseas company. This time it has signed a major agreement with Texas-based CRI Catalyst Company, a provider of catalyst and process technology to the global renewable fuel market. The focus of this partnership is on [...] … Read More

New developments for two companies. - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 13, 2010

We’ve frequently reported on the progress of NZ company Carbonscape (follow the Carbonscape tag) which makes charcoal using a microwave process. They’ve just announced what they describe as a world first in the production of the highly porous charcoal known as Activated Carbon (AC). “Using its patented continuous-flow microwave technology, Carbonscapeâ„¢ has produced high-grade and [...] … Read More

Aquaflow’s NZ tech impresses China - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 17, 2009

Time for an update on Aquaflow, the Blenheim algae company we have frequently covered on Hot Topic this year. Things continue to look promising for it in the world outside NZ. Its discussions with overseas companies have resulted in a contract with Greenleaf Environmental of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province in China to investigate suitable sites [...] … Read More