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Soundscapes in the past: Adding a new dimension to our archaeological picture of ancient cultures - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 01, 2018

Kristy E. Primeau, University at Albany, State University of New York and David E. Witt, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Picture an archaeological site, what comes to mind? Sandstone walls, standing in the desert heat? Stonehenge, watching over … Read More

The first of us – oldest ever human fossil uncovered in Africa - News

John Kerr Jun 08, 2017

A new report of the oldest ever human fossil – estimated to be around 300,000 years old – dramatically pushes back our best guess of when Homo sapiens first walked the Earth. Two papers published in Nature today report the dating and analysis of several fossils discovered at the archaeological site of Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. An international research team … Read More

Have we got history? - Digging the Dirt

Brigid Gallagher Feb 18, 2011

A typical conversation at a party, bbq or cafe…. ‘An archaeologist? So, what are you doing back here then? We don’t have anything to dig up. We don’t have history. Wouldn’t you be better back over in the UK. Things are really old over there’. ‘Yes’, I say. ‘It is great in the UK, the Romans 2000 years ago, Iron Age Britain … Read More