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Wellingtonians lap up 9/11 conspiracy theory rubbish - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Nov 22, 2009

After Kim Hill’s convincing and justified dismantling of 9/11 conspiracy theorist Richard Gage on her show yesterday, I was expecting a large turn-out for Gage’s 2pm lecture at Te Papa that followed his appearance on the show. But not quite that large. Te Papa’s Soundings theatre was completely full, so I watched the lecture via telelink … Read More

The city and the cell - Labrinth

Vic Arcus Sep 29, 2009

A city from space resembles a dense mosaic. Roads prescribing the polygons and curves of the myriad city blocks and parks. The city periphery is often constrained by geography: mountains to the east, a river runs through it, the sea to the west. The city plans are, in some cases, the result of the invisible hands of the town … Read More