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Riddle-me-ree/open thread - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Nov 04, 2011

We haven’t had an open thread for a while, and as there seems to be some desire to discuss Matt Ridley‘s recent lecture at the RSA in Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill for the first appearance thereof), here’s your chance. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff around — feel free to roam. But first, I’d [...] … Read More

Latest Arctic Sea Ice Report - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 07, 2011

The latest from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The graph above shows daily Arctic sea ice extent as of September 5, 2011, along with daily ice extents for previous low-ice-extent years. Conditions in context In August, sunlight wanes in the Arctic and the sea ice decline starts to slow down. Although the decline [...] … Read More

The Climate Show #15: Michael Ashley and the ineducable Carter - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jun 29, 2011

We thought we’d try for a record short show — and failed, because once again there was just to much to talk about. We have more on Eritrean volcanoes, extreme weather over the last 18 months, a new report on the dire state of the oceans, and Stoat’s big bet. Special guest is Professor Michael [...] … Read More

The Climate Show #11: a trillion tonnes of trouble - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Apr 14, 2011

Glenn says he thinks this show’s “a cracker” (but he always says that), and despite the lack of a special star guest — though with the help of assorted luminaries from the Climate Futures Forum (David’s Karoly and Frame, Robert Gifford and Erik Conway –) we cover a huge range of issues, from Jim Hansen’s [...] … Read More