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Impact of file sharing on film industry - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 13, 2013

Interesting that movie downloads haven’t had a significant impact on video rentals. That will probably change as video streaming services like Netflix become more common. Abstract: The music industry has struggled during the past decade due to file sharing and movie business executives fear the same fate. This paper seeks to provide measurements of the [...] … Read More

Get out and shout about it - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 10, 2013

Another study where the main question is whether you believe in their identification strategy. Abstract: Can protests cause political change, or are they merely symptoms of underlying shifts in policy preferences? We address this question by studying the Tea Party movement in the United States, which rose to prominence through coordinated rallies across the country [...] … Read More

Cigarette prices and subjective well-being - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 10, 2013

We’ve written a lot previously about cigarette taxes as a precommitment device that can increase welfare. However, while those models fit the stylised facts, it’s hard to know for sure if people are better off. For that you’d need to make a prediction about their increase in subjective wellbeing and test it. Now a couple [...] … Read More

No shirking from home, please! - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 08, 2013

Working from home massively increases productivity: Over 10% of US employees now regularly work from home (WFH), but there is widespread skepticism over its impact and worries about “shirking from home”. We report the results of a WFH experiment at CTrip, a 16,000 employee NASDAQ-listed Chinese multinational. Call center employees who volunteered to WFH were [...] … Read More

Performance evaluation of teachers - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Dec 28, 2012

From the AER: …observable teacher characteristics like graduate education and experience are not typically correlated with increased productivity [among teachers]. Many researchers and policymakers have suggested that, under these conditions, the only way to adjust the teacher distribution for the better is to gather information on individual productivity through evaluation and then dismiss low performers. [...] … Read More

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