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Humble aspirin aids cancer survival - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Oct 29, 2015

Dr Anita Dunbier Breast cancer survival rates have improved by a third since the 1970s and taking the humble aspirin may help boost survival rates further still. University of Otago Senior Lecturer Dr Anita Dunbier explains why such a low-cost drug has been overlooked, why it works, and how her team is testing aspirin’s benefits in a new South … Read More

Daily aspirin for preventing cancer and heart disease – where to from here in NZ? - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Sep 18, 2014

Associate Professor Nick Wilson, Professor Tony Blakely A recently published review has quantified the estimated benefits and harms of taking regular aspirin for disease prevention. The results indicate a relatively favourable benefit-to-harm ratio (good for preventing various cancers and heart … Continue reading → … Read More

Aspirin for Cancer Prevention? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Mar 23, 2012

The current copy of the Lancet, one of general medicine’s leading journals, contains several research articles and comment piece on the potential benefits of aspirin in cancer prevention. While it has been well established that aspirin can have a significant role in the treatment of “vascular events” (e.g. heart disease), new evidence appears to show it may have a … Read More

Amber Teething Beads: A Few Points to Consider - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Feb 21, 2011

Being a new parent and a sceptic I have been on guard regarding dubious advice and practices. Parents, especially new parents like myself, are a vulnerable group. We tend to be full of anxiety that we are doing the “right thing” by our children. Where-ever you find a vulnerable group like this you also tend [...] … Read More