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What’s cooking at the LHC? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 01, 2010

I've just been perusing CERN's Twitter site http://www.twitter.com/cern for some of their latest news.While the Higgs is still hiding inside some time-travelling baguette, there's still some really nice physics arising. This example is one that caught my attention - it's the detection of a bound state made up of a beauty (or bottom) quark and … Read More

Sound proofing by closing a door - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 27, 2010

We've had a couple of fire alarms in the last week. Both false alarms, which is good. We still however pile out onto the grass in front of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and time how long it takes for the fire engines to arrive and bet on whether the Hamilton City-based crew will beat the Chartwell-based crew to … Read More

Dealing with random things - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 12, 2010

In physics, just like elsewhere in life, there can be more than one way to tackle a problem. An example I've been thinking about recently is in the computer modelling of random processes (which is essentially what my research is about). Rather than talk about neurons and what causes them to fire or not-to-fire, I'll draw on a more well-known example, … Read More

Lithium - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 02, 2010

Those who saw last night's report on TV One about the lithium reserves in Bolivia might be forgiven for thinking that this is a magic new energy source that the Bolivian president is sitting on. Describing it as 'the new oil' is somewhat misleading.The application at hand is of course lithium ion batteries, which will be well suited to electric … Read More

Engine oil and lubrication - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 29, 2010

We have a couple of cars that are beginning to age, and with that do things like breakdown occasionally and go through oil.  That an engine can survive 200 000 km quite happily is to a large extent down to the lubrication.  Just a few quick calculations can give the scale of the problem the oil has to … Read More

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