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Massive sunspots and huge solar flares mean unexpected space weather for Earth - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 08, 2017

By Alexa Halford, Dartmouth College; Brett Carter, RMIT University, and Julie Currie, RMIT University If you still have your solar viewing glasses from the eclipse, now is a good time to slap them on and look up at the sun. You’ll see two big dark areas visible on our star. These massive sunspots are … Read More

Citizen scientists discover new type of aurora - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 25, 2017

By Nathan Case, Lancaster University A collaboration between aurora-hunting citizen scientists and a team of professional researchers has resulted in the discovery of a completely new type of aurora. The finding was made possible thanks to photos taken by aurora enthusiasts from across the globe which scientists could then compare with data from satellites. The aurora, more … Read More

Southern lights - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Sep 30, 2011

If you watch nothing else today, take the time to look at this spectacular movie of an aurora australis taken by the International Space Station on September 17, and made available by NASA’s Earth Observatory a couple of days ago. Not really climate-related, unless you’re into solar/climate linkages, but posted because the images are spectacular. [...] … Read More

The southern lights - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Aug 26, 2010

Tonight I will be talking about the aurora on Bryan Crump’s radio show (Nights, Radio New Zealand National, 8.42pm, Thursday August 26th).  I won’t spend much time here explaining the underlying physics of the effect, but take a look at the beautiful infographic posted by Peter Griffin. Now although I didn’t see any sign of the … Read More