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A new study on the heritability of autism spectrum disorder - Unsorted

Alison Campbell Jul 25, 2019

Science has known for a while now that there is a strong genetic component in autism spectrum disorders (ASD), although those opposed to vaccination tend to deny this. (David Gorski points this out in his commentary on this new 2019 paper.) In this paper, Bai et al. cite data from a meta-analysis of twin studies that estimated the heritability … Read More

Are too many vaccines too soon harmful? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 29, 2013

Parents want the best for their children. One concern raised by those holding off giving their children vaccines[1] are if too many vaccines too soon might be bad for their child, in particular if several vaccines given together might increase the risk of their child suffering neurological damage.[2] A recent study addresses specifically this question. Read More