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Building Pseudoscience on Pseudoscience - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Sep 05, 2013

One of the things that has been observed at various times on sciblogs is that pseudoscientific beliefs often cluster – for example, those who believe in homeopathy may also be antivaxxers, or those who argue against climate change may also argue that the moon landing was faked. This can lead to rather appalling “mash ups” of different pseudoscientific beliefs/conspiracy theories, … Read More

Wakefield has not been vindicated and the courts do not think MMR causes autism - Diplomatic Immunity

Helen Petousis Harris Aug 07, 2013

Bit of a buzz on anti-vaccination websites about apparent court rulings in favour of MMR/autism cases. An example is  from a website called “why don’t you try this?” which cites as a source Whiteout Press (“if its blacked out, covered up of censored you can find it here”)  which in turn cites The … Read More

The Sad Side of Pseudoscience - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 30, 2013

Sometimes pseudoscience frustrates me, sometimes it makes me really angry, and sometimes it just makes me really sad. An article in the May – August edition of The New Zealand “Journal” of Natural Medicine fits under the sad category. It is copied  from an online posting called How I Gave My Son Autism, written by “Mountain Mama”. In this … Read More

Are too many vaccines too soon harmful? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 29, 2013

Parents want the best for their children. One concern raised by those holding off giving their children vaccines[1] are if too many vaccines too soon might be bad for their child, in particular if several vaccines given together might increase the risk of their child suffering neurological damage.[2] A recent study addresses specifically this question. Read More

Autism – Exploring the Causes and Potential Treatments - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Mar 07, 2012

In the March 5th edition of Chemical and Engineering News there is a fascinating article by Lauren K. Wolf looking at recent explorations into the causes and potential treatments of autism. Decades ago autism was blamed on mothers who failed to show enough affection to their children and more recently it has been blamed on vaccines, however, science is … Read More

TOSP Episode 7: October 25th 2011 - The Sciblogs Podcast

Aimee Whitcroft Oct 25, 2011

Featuring (very) bright sparks, biomimicry and flight, Dance Your PhD, NASA inventions, carbon nano-onions, Iceland’s renewable internet, spider silk, zoned-out rats, forecasting with Twitter, autistic facial characteristics, a new superconductivity, the geek book list, Tell Us A Story 2011 winners, and the economics of milk. Also featuring some Interesting Things, including a comment on a paper showing how cats lap … Read More

IAS Complaint Part 1: Thimerosal in Your Vaccine? No. - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 11, 2011

As promised here is the first of the articles that I deal with in the formal complaint I made to the Charities Commission regarding the misinformation spread by the anti-vaccine charity IAS.  So, with out further ado (what is ado anyway?) here is the link to the offending piece and my rebuttal: Thimerosal in your [...] … Read More

Anti-Vaccine Charities — Is there any Quality control on Charities? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 11, 2011

I haven’t really been writing much lately, for this blog at least. Much that is due to simple procrastination but earlier this year my free time was spent doing something equally stimulating. Back in July I submitted a complaint to the New Zealand Charities Commission, which they (allegedly) are currently investigating, about the Immunisation Awareness [...] … Read More