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From Restoration to Reconciliation: Concluding thoughts - So Shoot Me

Jamie Steer Dec 24, 2018

I wanted to end now on a couple of final reflections and thoughts. First, I implore you as the next generation of ecologists to think critically about the assumptions of your disciplines. Don’t just blindly swallow the positions of your older colleagues, including me (OK, not so much me…). Restoration Ecology, in particular, was developed and propagated mostly by … Read More

No Storm on the Horizon - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Jan 02, 2011

Every now and again we see stories of doomsayers talking about population “bombs” and “storms”. The Sunday Star Times runs one today which suggests that there is “a gaping hole in New Zealand’s workforce where all the 20 – 35-year-olds should be”. There is only one problem with this analysis from Professor Natalie Jackson, who [...] Related posts: … Read More