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You REALLY know your economy is in trouble when ……. - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Aug 04, 2015

you start to run out of beer!!From Vice News comes the news that Venezuela Faces Looming Beer Shortage in Dispute with Nation’s Biggest Brewer.Venezuela's largest food distributor on Thursday denounced the government occupation of a Caracas warehouse amid accusations that the company is hoarding goods.Soldiers took over the warehouse complex used by Empresas Polar late Wednesday … Read More

Are NZ First really as xenophobic and economically illiterate as this makes them sound? - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 29, 2015

An article at Voxy.co.nz tells us that English concedes NZ farms better off in NZ ownership - NZ First. The article states,The government has finally admitted its folly over foreign ownership of New Zealand’s farms, says New Zealand First."When questioned in Parliament yesterday, Finance Minister Bill English first parroted the government line that Landcorp buying Crafar … Read More

Eminent domain (updated) - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 27, 2015

A couple of days back I downloaded the Kindle version of Ilya Somin new book on the problems with eminent domain, "The Grasping Hand: 'Kelo v. City of New London' and the Limits of Eminent Domain". This has turned out to be very timely given that The Productivity Commission has come up with the most appalling … Read More

Venezuela should be rich, but its government has destroyed its economy - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jan 26, 2015

Thats a headline from the Wonkblog at the Washington Post, which says it all.Matt O'Brien makes a simple but important point when he writes,It [Venezuela] should be rich. But it isn't, and it's getting even poorer now, because of economic mismanagement on a world-historical scale. The problem is simple: Venezuela's government thinks it can … Read More

Access to higher education and the value of a university degree - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jan 09, 2015

Governments sometimes promote reforms, normally with little thought as to what the actual outcomes will be, that increase access to education for a large share of the population. These reforms may lower the returns to education by altering returns to skills, education quality, and peer effects. In a new column at VoxEU.org examines Nicola Bianchi the … Read More

How effective is the minimum wage at supporting the poor? - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jan 08, 2015

This is an important question since one good reason for supporting having a minimum wage would be if it is an effective antipoverty policy measure. Such a belief would rely on two assumptions: first, raising the minimum wage will increase the incomes of poor families; and second, the minimum wage imposes little or no public or social costs.The policy debate … Read More

Housing affordability - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Jul 28, 2014

Paul Cheshire - Professor Emeritus of Economic Geography at LSE, and twice visitor to the econ department at Canterbury - asks, What lies behind Britain’s crisis of housing affordability? His answer is that it is nothing to do with foreign speculators but decades of planning policies that constrain the supply of houses and land and turn them into … Read More

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