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Federated Farmers: sticking their heads in the soil? - Hot Topic

Cindy Baxter May 12, 2015

Federated Farmers says farmers don’t need to worry about the causes of climate change, they only need to cope with the impacts. Feds President William Rolleston says they have “no position” on whether mankind is influencing global warming, and say that looking at the causes is not that helpful. No position? “We [farmers] need to […] … Read More

NZ’s minister of everything Steven Joyce goes feral; attempts to influence courts over coal mine appeal - Hot Topic

Mr February Sep 26, 2012

I was absolutely gobsmacked by a statement by Steven Joyce, the Minister of Economic Development, in an official New Zealand Government press release yesterday. Joyce explicitly took the side of and promoted the cause of Aussie coal miners, Bathurst Resources, in two up-coming court cases. Joyce said: “The Escarpment Mine is an open cast mining […] … Read More