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Taxing: Choice and policy consistency - The Dismal Science

Matt Nolan Mar 12, 2014

Offsetting recently posted about a tweet by Gareth Morgan on eating and control, including a reply I popped up.  Essentially, Gareth’s tweet implied that the way individuals make choices indicates we have no choice over how much they eat.  I disagreed talking about precommitment – he stated I assumed perfect information, which is both a […] … Read More

Cigarette prices and subjective well-being - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 10, 2013

We’ve written a lot previously about cigarette taxes as a precommitment device that can increase welfare. However, while those models fit the stylised facts, it’s hard to know for sure if people are better off. For that you’d need to make a prediction about their increase in subjective wellbeing and test it. Now a couple [...] … Read More

Externalities and the changing nature of the internet - The Dismal Science

James Zuccollo Jan 09, 2013

Cory Doctorow has written a thoughtful and interesting article for the Guardian, which argues that pricing externalities will inhibit the creation of public value. …the infectious idea of internalising externalities turns its victims into grasping, would-be rentiers. You translate a document because you need it in two languages. I come along and use those translations [...] … Read More

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