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New Zealand high performance computing on the road - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 03, 2012

The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) is about to hit the road, touring a National High Performance Computing Roadshow through the country in September. NeSi ties together the major high-performance computing available for research in New Zealand and the expertise and services needed to best utilise them. Details of … Read More

Bioinformatics survey results - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 07, 2012

Eagle Genomics have presented the results of an annual bioinformatics survey. These types of surveys are invariably limited by understanding precisely who they represent, e.g. do they represent the whole of the target group well, or favour some sector of it. The results of the first question offer some hints of this. (Ideally we’d see … Read More

Forward to wikipedia – topic pages in computational biology - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 04, 2012

The PLoS (Public Library of Science) journal Computational Biology has offered it’s first Topic Page, Circular permutations in proteins,* along with a short editorial introducing the Topic Page concept. Basically, authors write a wikipedia-style review of a topic that is reviewed and accepted by the journal, then forwarded to wikipedia to become a ‘living’ … Read More

A bioinformatics periodic table - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 03, 2012

A spin-off of the Eagle Genomics conference in Cambridge, UK, has been The Elements of Bioinformatics, a table of different tools in bioinformatics. (Update: an interactive web-based version of the periodic table is now available.) You can offer thoughts on their blog (linked above), twitter (use the #egelements hashtag) or, of course, below. Read More