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Water pricing and bottling plants - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Mar 27, 2017

And here we go for another edition of “Because you’ve misspecified the problem, your proposed solution might make things worse.” The past couple of weeks have had renewed anger about water bottling plants. If you buy land with water drawing rights attached to it, you don’t get charged for drawing that water. The value of the water is baked into … Read More

Te Radar wades into water - Waiology

Waiology Nov 03, 2011

By Daniel Collins Soon after ‘Ever Wondered?’ screened its episode on water back in September, TV1 viewers were treated to another installment on water resources, this time by Kiwi entertainer Te Radar on ‘Global Radar’. He set the scene thus: ‘It’s an incredible resource, water, and one that I think we take for granted.’ While the ‘Ever Wondered?’ … Read More