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The Nelson bush fire: What can satellite images tell us about such events? - Out of Space

Duncan Steel Feb 12, 2019

[avatar user=”duncansteel” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] The ongoing fires in the Nelson-Tasman region have quite rightly provoked much alarm. The response of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, the NZ Police, the NZ Defence Force, and many private individuals, has been magnificent. However, the utilisation of satellite imagery for assessing such fires and then planning and responding is deficient in NZ compared … Read More

Australia's biggest astronomy observatory overrun by bushfire - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 14, 2013

Australia is currently experiencing record temperatures and widespread bush fires. Last night Australia’s largest astronomy observatory, the Siding Spring Observatory owned by the Australian National University (ANU), was been overrun by bush fires. All staff were safely evacuated. (See astropixie blog for source and details.) Astroblog has further links to Australian … Read More