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The SMC Video Competition: The Science of Camouflage - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 21, 2020

Recently, the Science Media Centre ran the first round of its 2020 SAVVY Video Competition for science researchers. With twelve entries, ranging from infant nutrition to the science of bell-ringing, we judges were incredibly impressed by the creativity and quality of submissions. This week, we’re featuring the work of first place prize winner, PhD candidate Morgane Merien. My name … Read More

Camouflage - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 18, 2013

Last week Alison tagged me* in a post where an artist had used his hands to present animals. In his work, the artist had effectively camouflaged his hands - at a glance we see the animal. In response to Alison’s post, here’s a video of animals that change their camouflage in response to … Read More