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What’s With Those Aftershocks?! - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 08, 2010

8 Sept. 2010, 07:49, M 5.1 Aftershock, Ground Shaking Intensity. Source: GNS At 7:49 am this morning, Christchurch and western Banks Peninsula were hammered by a particularly vicious aftershock. This latest tremor had a magnitude of  ‘only’ 5.1, but was centered just a few kilometers from Christchurch, at a very shallow depth of only 6km. As can be seen from … Read More

Liquefaction Explained - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 08, 2010

For a nice overview of Liquefaction, and why certain areas of Canterbury were more affected by Saturday’s shaking  (Courtesy of 3news).  http://www.3news.co.nz/Liquefaction—a-scientific-explanation/tabid/309/articleID/174502/Default.aspx Also, this post from Visibly Shaken,  by Peter Griffin shows an infographic by ECan https://sciblogs.co.nz/visibly-shaken/2010/09/06/christchurchs-liquefaction-infographic/ And finally, also from Ecan, an excellent, detailed infographic on the liquefaction hazard in Canterbury, produced before Saturday’s earthquake: http://img.scoop.co.nz/media/pdfs/1009/Ecan_Brochure_Title__The_Q_files___the_solid_facts_on_Christchurch_liquefaction.PDF … Read More

What Lies Beneath the Canterbury Plains? A Fault Revealed - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 07, 2010

This is the second post of a 3-4 part series on the Canterbury Earthquake. Canterbury Earthquake, Pt II Source: GNS Was this Canterbury’s ‘Big One’? When I was shaken out of a deep slumber at 4:36 am last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think that ‘this is the big one’.   The intensity of the shaking was certainly more than … Read More

Christchurch’s liquefaction (infographic) - Visibly Shaken

Peter Griffin Sep 06, 2010

One of the interesting aspects of the earthquake’s impact on Christchurch has been the phenomenon of liquefaction, where soil and sand is compacted and water is forced to the surface. There have been many reports of sand volcanoes, water fountains and severe cracking of the ground – all the result of soil liquefaction. ECAN has released this useful … Read More

Initial Thoughts on the Canterbury Earthquake - The Science of Architecture

Ken Collins Sep 06, 2010

Deans Homestead - Photo from stuff.co.nz The big earthquake in Canterbury last weekend has certainly reminded us just how shaky our isles are, in dramatic fashion. While our thoughts are with all of those affected, and we are all grateful that there has been no loss of life, the quake has exposed — very graphically — just how buildings react … Read More

Haiti: 230,000 Deaths. Canterbury: 0 Deaths. Why? Canterbury Earthquake (Pt I) - Shaken Not Stirred

Jesse Dykstra Sep 06, 2010

This is the first post of a 3-4 part series on the Canterbury Earthquake. Canterbury Earthquake, Pt I   Photo: Professor Mark Quigley, University of Canterbury Source: USGS                 When I was contemplating a name for this blog a few weeks ago, I wanted something that would convey the following: … Read More

Mapping quakes in Canterbury - Seeing Data

Chris McDowall Sep 05, 2010

I awoke yesterday morning to a stream of tweets and news articles reporting a massive earthquake near Christchurch. I followed the coverage throughout the day, reading the surreal accounts of everyday scenes turned upside down. Every so often an aftershock would ripple across Twitter and I would get a sense of the rhythm, if not the magnitude, of the event. Read More

New fault surprises scientists - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Sep 05, 2010

Scientists from GNS Science and the University of Canterbury have been busy in the wake of Saturday morning’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Canterbury attempting to learn more about the quake and what caused it. Credit has to go to GNS Science’s John Ristau, Canterbury’s Mark Quigley and Kevin Furlong, professor of geoscience at Penn State University who is on sabbatical … Read More