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Describing your research – soundbites from Christchurch - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jul 01, 2010

Another city and another few dozen emerging researchers attempting to describe their research goals in a couple of sentences after just five minutes of thought. One interesting thing, Dunedin-based scientists are certainly a lot more legible than their colleagues in Christchurch! I’ve had to leave out several samples of the latter group as I couldn’t decipher the handwriting. Nevertheless, … Read More

Discontent bubbling to the surface in Canterbury - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Apr 16, 2010

When it comes to Canterbury water governance, the balance of satisfaction has shifted dramatically over the last few weeks. Some are happier now that government-appointed commissioners will replace elected councilors at ECan. Some are not. And those who are not are increasingly making themselves heard. At two meetings recently the malcontents voiced their feelings, from calm criticism to vociferous outrage. Read More

Overheard in Christchurch - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 31, 2010

Not quite New York, but much more on topic. Nicky Wagner, National list member and Christchurch resident, suggested during question time following the ‘Blue Gold’ screening last Thursday that perhaps Canterbury should think about restricting the number of cows it houses. She also suggested that part of the delay in ECan’s consenting was due to the complexity of … Read More

Citizen oversight of water abolished in Canterbury - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 30, 2010

In what was described by opposition MPs as a bloodless coup, Environment Canterbury’s democratically elected councillors will be replaced by a set of central government-installed commissioners. Cantabrians won’t have a democratic say in their regional body until 2013. Also removed is the Environment Court as a means to appeal consent decisions. The commissioners will be led by Dame Margaret … Read More

Tumultuous week on NZ’s water front - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 19, 2010

When it rains, it pours. A lot happened in the last two days on New Zealand’s water front. For those on a blogging diet, here’s a fat-free summary. More to follow later. A report on voluntary efforts to improve on-farm water management shows these efforts continue to fail, and in some ways getting worse. Agriculture Minister David Carter: … Read More

Nor-westers and apricot brandy - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Jan 09, 2010

I just returned from an important excursion north to Woodend this morning. I was running out of apricot brandy, a crucial ingredient for periodistas. Apparently the Kiwi palate hasn’t acquired a taste, so liquor stores don’t stock it, let alone know it exists. The Prenzel store had one last bottle. And as I drove there and back, I crossed the … Read More