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Breaking the deadlock on shipping emissions - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 11, 2011

International shipping is responsible for an estimated 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to those of Germany, thirteen times those of New Zealand. On current trends they are expected to increase by 150-250 percent by 2050. They are as yet unregulated, trapped for over a decade in a familiar impasse where developed countries [...] … Read More

Dismaying Australian Politics - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 29, 2011

Sunday’s Guardian carried a telling editorial on the poisonous political climate currently holding sway in Australia in relation to climate change. It opens with the observation that 1700 miles from Canberra the indigenous peoples in islands of the Torres Strait fear that climate change may soon overwhelm them, with communities vanishing under rising seas. Their [...] … Read More

The Climate Show #16: Keith Hunter on oceans, acids and the carbon cycle - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Jul 15, 2011

We learned a lot this week, as Professor Keith Hunter of the University of Otago, one of the world’s leading ocean chemists, gave us a masterclass on ocean acidification and what it means for the future of the oceans. Plus we discuss Australia’s new carbon tax, green growth campaigns in New Zealand, why China’s aerosols [...] … Read More

Climate Capitalism - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jul 05, 2010

Climate change science is clear and undeniable in its general thrust.  Climate change politics by contrast are murky and uncertain.  Peter Newell and Matthew Paterson have spent nearly two decades researching and writing about the politics, and their new book Climate Capitalism: Global Warming and the Transformation of the Global Economy reflects all the uncertainties [...] … Read More

Krugman on climate economics: uncertainty makes the case for action stronger - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 10, 2010

Lucidity in an economist is to be prized, and Nobel winner Paul Krugman writes with great clarity in a lengthy article this weekend in the New York Times Magazine headed Building a Green Economy. Is it possible, he asks, to make drastic cuts in greenhouse gases without destroying our economy? I’ll offer a summary of [...] … Read More

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