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Carl Sagan on climate change in 1985 and we’re still talking - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 11, 2021

“We have a kind of handwriting on the wall” Carl Sagan says from 36 years ago. His message from the past that rings so close to our talks today. Sagan gives a nice explanation of the Greenhouse Effect, even if I worry it goes over the head of most US senators. I swear that’s a younger Al Gore taking it all … Read More

Our pale blue dot - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 11, 2011

I’m a little late for Carl Sagan Day* over in my part of our pale blue dot, but nevertheless let me share a video celebrating it: [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03lPcUzGa-w[/embed] I’ve chosen one of the less viewed of the many videos of this, one with images less focusing on either wars or religion. An older post … Read More

“Just So Science” – Complex Star Dust - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Nov 09, 2011

Finally getting around to reading Carl Sagan’s magnificent book, ‘Cosmos’, has had the rather wonderful effect of helping re-focus my attention from the worrying political ranting that goes hand-in-hand with every election, and turn once again my attention to the stars. I find it quite amazing just how distracting society and life down here can be, and the wonderful clarity … Read More

And we’re live! - The Sciblogs Podcast

Aimee Whitcroft Sep 12, 2011

UPDATE: We’re on youtube!  See bottom of post for embedded goodness 🙂 Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first ever official TOSP episode. Each week, your hosts, Scibloggers Elf Eldridge (Just So Science) and aimee whitcroft (misc.ience), will be bringing you 20-30 minutes of some of the amazing science-related interestingness across which we came in the preceding … Read More

The changing face of science communication - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Jul 12, 2010

All the reports from the inquiries into the climategate issue are worth reading. It is the nature of thoughtful inquiries that not only are problems identified, claims checked and unjustified accusations refuted. There are also usually some suggestions for improvements. I think the attention that has been paid to issues like peer review, importance of [...] … Read More

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