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Coffee, Cooking, Cataracts and Cancer – 100 Years of the Maillard Reaction - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Nov 04, 2012

The Malliard reaction, first described 100 years ago, produces many of the wonderful smells we associate with cooking including that of freshly baked bread, a grilled steak or roasting coffee. It is also involved in the production of some potentially cancer-causing compounds in our food, such as acrylamide and can even occur within our bodies, contributing to diseases such as … Read More

Spam Journalism #65 - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Dec 11, 2009

Spam Journalism: The spurious use of sensational headlines to add spice to an otherwise pointless article. There is always plenty of spam to go around in health reporting. Journalists just love to sensationalise anything to do with medicine, preferably putting it in the worst light possible: Seeing red over high health costs Cataract surgery for Christchurch woman Glennis [...] Related … Read More