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Paying the price to see “Super Scientists” - Wild Science

Helen Taylor Aug 09, 2017

Tickets for “rockstar” particle physicist Prof. Brian Cox’s Auckland show went on sale this week. With seats priced from $90 to $215, are big popular science shows fostering elitism? Super scientists, assemble! Jane Goodall and friends wow the crowds in Dunedin. Image credit: Otago Daily Times New Zealand has been blessed by visits from four big names in science … Read More

The importance of celebrity scientists - Nano Girl

Michelle Dickinson Jul 13, 2017

Last week, I was honoured to have been able to join Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson on stage during his New Zealand cosmic perspective tour. As the only American to have been awarded the Stephen Hawking Medal for science communication, Dr Tyson has been called the American face of science. I was astounded and inspired at the ability of a scientist … Read More