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Has New Zealand lost its way in tobacco control? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 08, 2016

By Simon Chapman, University of Sydney The New Zealand government has decided to reorient its priorities in tobacco control. It has announced it will be pulling 73% of its previous funding support for tobacco control advocacy. The only money allocated for tobacco control to do the vital work of building and sustaining community and multi-party support for … Read More

Overall increase in tooth decay noted in fluoridation cessation studies - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott May 15, 2016

Anti-fluoride activists love to trot out studies where no increase in tooth decay was found after community water fluoridation  (CWF) ceased. They are cherry-picking, of course, because they ignore the studies which do show a decline in dental health. I have written about this before (What happens when fluoridation is stopped? and Anti-fluoridationist’s flawed attacks on Calgary study), so I am pleased to see a … Read More