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Why should we subsidise religious leaders and their silly statements? - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Nov 22, 2016

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki’s statement blaming the Kaikoura earthquake on “gays, sinners, and murderers” highlights the stupidity of our charity laws which define the advancement of religion a charitable activity and give tax exempt status to religions purely because they advance religion. Public revulsion at Tamaki’s statement resulted in an on-line petition calling for the removal of Tamaki’s tax exempt status. Currently, that … Read More

Competing for Aid - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 02, 2013

Don't give money to mutilated children if you want to discourage child mutilation. Sounds terrible? It's true. At least in places where it's plausible that money induces mutilation. Gordon Tullock explained the basic principle in his 1967 article, The Welfare Costs of Tariffs, Monopoly and Theft. Where there is some rent available, real resources will be devoted to attracting the … Read More