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A new organ? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 30, 2018

Media outlets the world over are touting the “discovery” of a new organ in humans. I’m not alone in protesting, I agree.[1] The new organ claim is not made in the research paper Importantly, the research paper doesn’t claim a new organ — that’s a claim made outside of the research paper, made by one of the authors. Read More

Deepak Chopra "reviews" The Magic of Reality - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 12, 2011

Richard Dawkins new book “The Magic of Reality” (which should be on my door step in the next couple of days – imagine me rubbing my hands in glee) has received excellent reviews from the mainstream press. However, the same can not be said for both religious (see Bill O’Reilly here) and pseudoscience pundits. Indeed Deepak Chopra (who in … Read More