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Sunday morning Antarctica, and the future of transport - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 28, 2013

Chris Laidlaw interviewed the new Director of the British Antarctic Survey, Professor Jane Francis, in his Sunday Morning programme on National Radio in the weekend. I thought the discussion worth drawing attention to as an exemplar of the kind of thoughtful interviewing climate science deserves but only occasionally receives. The listening public also deserves such […] … Read More

Gluckman gets it wrong: being alarmed is not alarmist - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Aug 13, 2013

On Sunday morning, Radio NZ National’s Chris Laidlaw interviewed the PM’s science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman regarding his recent report on the likely future impacts of climate change on New Zealand. In an intelligent interview it was good to hear the report being given more prolonged and thoughtful attention than the initial news items about […] … Read More