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Sam Sam the kidney man - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Apr 23, 2012

Kidney recipients are brave and inspiring.  The following is an extract (used with permission) from the Autumn newsletter of Kidney Health New Zealand (www.kidney.co.nz). I am fortunate enough to know the specialists that helped this young man.  Admirable work – well done people. Sam’s story (benefactor of the John Velvin Trust) Hello, my name is … Continue reading » … Read More

I am a pee scientist - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Mar 07, 2012

I’m often asked “What do you do?”   In order to avoid those glazed over looks, and in honor of World Kidney Day, I present to you Dr John’s five minute intro to his study of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). What is Acute Kidney Injury and why does it matter? AKI is the very rapid … Continue reading … Read More

A brave beginning - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Jan 24, 2012

Food depravation, occupation by fascist overlords, and decades before the invention of PCs and the blog are hardly conducive conditions for research, let alone major breakthroughs.  One man thought not.  Willem J Kolff, a physician in Kampden hospital in the Netherlands was perturbed by not being able to do anything for people who went into … Continue reading … Read More

Kidneys are Kool with a capital K - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Jan 13, 2012

The kidney is still very much a black box to me.  Hence, the box in this mini-infographic (a “minfo”) describing some of the cool stuff our kidneys do.  As you can tell, it is not just a brilliant filter getting rid of waste products but so much more.  Dialysis (with the aid of Nephrologists’ potions) … Continue reading … Read More

$100 Dialysis — the vision - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Jan 09, 2012

$100 dialysis will do for health what the $100 computer did for education. I have no expertise in dialysis, I’ve only published one paper and a letter that address it directly. What I know is that there are millions the world over with kidney failure whose only hope is transplant or dialysis.  What I see is that dialysis is … Continue reading … Read More

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