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Discovering planets… from your couch - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 07, 2015

It was about 25 minutes into Chris Lintott’s Royal Society lecture that the proceedings nearly went off the rails. Professor Chris Lintott An audience member put his hand up to make a comment, which Lintott, Professor of Astrophysics and Citizen Science at the University of Oxford, paused his talk to answer. “I’ve seen that shape before,” said the grey-haired man in … Read More

How you can help scientists track how marine life reacts to climate change - Guest Work

Guest Author Oct 07, 2015

Gretta Pecl, University of Tasmania; Jemina Stuart-Smith, University of Tasmania; Jennifer Sunday, University of British Columbia , and Natalie Moltschaniwskyj, University of Newcastle There are many factors that determine where a marine species will find a place to call home, such as wave exposure, salinity, depth, habitat and where other friend or … Read More

A new era for engaging communities with science - Guest Work

Guest Author May 18, 2015

The way we engage the public with science is poised to change. By Dr Victoria Metcalf, National Coordinator for the Participatory Science Platform in the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor. I do a lot of speaking each year about science to the community, up to 20 public talks annually. These are primarily to school classes and … Read More

Full citizen science flood map for Christchurch, March 2014 - Waiology

Waiology Sep 04, 2014

By Daniel Collins As a follow-up to Waiology’s article in June, here is a full map for the flooding of Christchurch on 5 March 2014. The map is derived from photos sent in by the public which were generally taken within a few hours of peak inundation. The blue colours represent the depth of water above the ground surface … Read More

Citizen scientists help map Christchurch flooding - Waiology

Waiology Jun 16, 2014

By Daniel Collins The Christchurch earthquakes of 2010-2011 had a disastrous effect on Christchurch and its residents. But one effect could not be known until much later – flooding. The earthquakes changed the height of the ground across the city, raising or dropping the land by several 10s of centimetres in places. This meant that the flood risk maps we … Read More

Calling for Christchurch flood photos - Waiology

Waiology Mar 07, 2014

By Daniel Collins The flooding that Christchurch experienced on Wednesday was extreme, leaving many houses flooded and roads closed. To build a better understanding of how vulnerable different parts of Christchurch are to flooding in the future, particularly following the earthquakes, we would like your help. If you took any photos at or near peak water levels anywhere in Christchurch … Read More

Summer science fun for kids - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 08, 2014

The second part in a NIWA summer science series Science experiments can be fun, messy, done in the dark or even while you’re asleep. Here are some holiday ideas children – and their parents – can do over the summer break. Children crossing Major Jones Bridge, Tongariro River credit: NIWA & Dave Allen Head in the clouds? While you’re … Read More

Classifying plankton: more fun than you might think - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Oct 16, 2013

One of my favourite things to do with this blog these days is to catalogue/chronicle awesome citizen science initiatives. And there’s a new one! And it’s lots of fun! In Plankton Portal, you get to help identify plankton from images taken . I’ve just started playing, and so far it’s actually trickier than it looks, but one gets added benefit … Read More

My Skeptics Conference 2013 talk and slides – ‘Nerds, nerds everywhere’ - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Sep 09, 2013

The weekend just passed saw the annual NZ Skeptics Conference 2013, held in my home town of Wellington. The theme was around science communication, and speakers featured such stars as Pamela Gay and Kylie Sturgess, as well as local speakers such as Martin Manning and fellow Scibloggers Siouxise Wiles and Elf Eldridge. For some unfathomable reason, I was asked to … Read More