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Seven tips for surviving the apocalypse - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 10, 2017

By Lewis Dartnell, University of Westminster Billionaires who have made their fortunes in Silicon Valley seem to be worried about the future. So worried in fact, that some of them are reportedly buying vast estates in places such as New Zealand, as “apocalypse insurance” boltholes to head to in the event of doomsday scenarios such as nuclear attack … Read More

The Empathic Civilization - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jan 08, 2011

One of the things I look forward to over the Christmas/New Years break is to find a good book to read during my academic “downtime”. This time around I selected the Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin and what a good choice that was. Exceedingly well written and informative, this book is not a light read. Its insights and occasionally provocative … Read More