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Climate change adaptation in global megacities protects wealth – not people - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 01, 2016

Lucien Georgeson, UCL and Mark Maslin, UCL Cities across the world are increasingly at risk from climate change. People living in extreme poverty are especially vulnerable, both because global warming will tend to hit developing countries the hardest, and because they have less money to throw at the problem. We used newly-available data to investigate how … Read More

CSIRO cuts: climate science really does need to shift its focus towards adaptation - Guest Work

Guest Author Feb 15, 2016

Peter Tangney, Flinders University Climate scientists have recently been outraged by job losses within CSIRO. Sixty climate jobs are likely to be lost. Chief executive Larry Marshall has said the reaction to the cuts from scientists has been “more like religion that science”. Well, in certain respects, he has a point. In reaction to the cuts, … Read More