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Climate activism has gone digital and disruptive, and it’s finally facing up to racism within the movement - News

Guest Author Dec 07, 2021

Nina Hall, Johns Hopkins University; Charles Lawrie, University of Sussex, and Sahar Priano, Johns Hopkins University   To understand the agreement states reached at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow earlier this month, it’s important to explore how climate activism has grown and changed since the Paris Agreement in 2015. Climate activists have played a pivotal role. They … Read More

The ethics of climate change: what we owe people – and the rest of the planet - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 11, 2015

William Lynn, Clark University Ethics is a particularly relevant, if under-reported, topic of conversation at the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris. While technical disputes grab the lion’s share of attention, we should not forget the moral reasons we must address global warming – because of the substantial harm it does and will do to the … Read More