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Why soft climate deals are better than tough ones - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 16, 2015

Richard Fairchild, University of Bath and Baris Yalabik, University of Bath The Paris climate talks have been heralded as a historic deal. But while they have been praised for the very feat of reaching an agreement and for setting an ambitious aim to keep warming below 2℃ and endeavouring to limit it to 1.5℃, the … Read More

Paris agreement settled - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Dec 13, 2015

Overnight the Paris agreement was settled upon, with a goal to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. It has taken two weeks of intense negotiations, but the decision has been made not just to aim for a target of 2°C, but to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C. Countries will be … Read More

Good deal or bad? Emotional turmoil as Paris climate talks draw to a close - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 12, 2015

Clive Hamilton How should we react to the likely outcome of the Paris climate conference? Unless something dramatic happens overnight it is very likely that the news media on Sunday morning will hail the Paris agreement as a breakthrough and a big victory for those pushing for strong action on carbon emissions. Yet on Friday we heard from … Read More

Positive Paris talks not like cynical Copenhagen – but how will media cope? - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 10, 2015

James Painter, University of Oxford It has become a mantra here that Paris 2015 is not Copenhagen 2009. This time, the US and China are on board; the price of renewables has dropped by more than half; the vast majority of countries here have already pledged emission cuts and Paris is seen as a “staging post” not … Read More

How 1.5 became the most important number at the Paris climate talks - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 10, 2015

Kate Dooley, University of Melbourne and Doreen Stabinsky, College of the Atlantic One of the final obstacles in the way of a binding agreement at the Paris climate talks comes down to a simple number: 1.5. Limiting warming to a 1.5℃ temperature rise above pre-industrial levels is one of three potential targets on the … Read More

Savings on health costs would help offset more ambitious climate pledges - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Dec 09, 2015

The Climate Action Tracker, which involves five independent research organisations analysing the emissions reduction targets of the nations represented at COP21 in Paris has totted up the sums now that 158 climate pledges have been officially tabled. The upshot is that the pledges will result in 2.7 degrees Celsius of temperature rise in 2100, if the governments all met their … Read More