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As more climate migrants cross borders seeking refuge, laws will need to adapt - The Changing Climate

Guest Author Jun 11, 2021

Katharine M. Donato, Georgetown University; Amanda Carrico, University of Colorado Boulder; and Jonathan M. Gilligan, Vanderbilt University   Climate change is upending people’s lives around the world, but when droughts, floods or sea level rise force them to leave their countries, people often find closed borders and little assistance. Part of the problem is that today’s laws, regulations and … Read More

Overshoot and collapse – climate disruption and increasing homelessness - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 19, 2016

By Dr George Preddey Two contrasting colour illustrations on the back cover of the NZ Listener (July 2-8) are disquietingly reminiscent of contrasting sketches that appeared in a 1981 report on climate disaster by the Commission For the Future, 35 years ago.    These illustrations and sketches feature the Beehive as in 1981 and 2016 and as inundated later this … Read More

Kiribatian households mull climate migration - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 04, 2015

Andrew Geddes, University of Sheffield The Paris climate summit has come too late for Ioane Teitiota from the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, who made history when his case for asylum in New Zealand was rejected in September. His claim for protection was based on the effects of climate change. Kiribati president Anote Tong has argued … Read More