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One place to access everything digital takes off its training wheels — Unified Inbox - Stick

Peter Kerr May 29, 2012

When you simply state the idea of having one place where all forms of contact – email, Facebook, Twitter, text and others – end up in one place for reading and responding to, it sounds an eminently sensible thing to … Continue reading → … Read More

‘Do the deals’ commercialisers told — KiwiNet - Stick

Peter Kerr May 08, 2012

The recent KiwiNet group hug in Wellington showed the value of having a dealmaker come salesman attitude when it comes to commercialisation. KiwiNet is the collective commercialisation arms of eight CRIs and universities – combining knowhow and networks and providing … Continue reading → … Read More

Our internet-inspired impatience is only getting worse - Stick

Peter Kerr Apr 19, 2012

There’s a fair number of (mostly ignored) requests to link and/or ‘write about us’ emails received by sticK. However Tony Shin tweaked an interest in the subject line, ‘A quick question about Instant Gratification’. He in turn linked through to … Continue reading → … Read More

Developers invited to a northern hemisphere ‘Summer of Code’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Apr 01, 2012

A couple of New Zealand based businesses are in on the wider opportunity for New Zealand-based trainee coders to gain invaluable experience (and pay) through Google’s Summer of Code. University students in New Zealand will have a unique opportunity to … Continue reading → … Read More

Kiwi conference to get to the core of computing opportunity - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 08, 2012

Lurking below the IT headline generating buzz of Apps and social media and smart phones is a core change racing in parallel with its sometimes perceived more glamorous cousins. The very way computers and computing itself, works, has changed. The … Continue reading → … Read More

Academic swot and study…..simplified - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 28, 2012

It’s not the first time that Dunedinite Rodney Tamblyn has been involved in an internet-based business. But, as he looks to take his team’s web application for on-line academic study to the global market, he is looking for a different … Continue reading → … Read More

Become an ‘authority’ to maximise the benefits of social media for your business — Sisson - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 04, 2011

Social media may seem to many like an over-hyped mess of ceaseless and senseless chatter. But understanding when and how its immediacy and intimacy can and should be part of an integrated marketing strategy will be key to many future … Continue reading → … Read More

Go digital for dollars — content forum spruiks Kiwi capability - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 27, 2011

The main message from the Rutherford Innovation Showcase Digital Content Forum was that some weightless exports have a fair bit of profit margin attached. The Wellington event on Friday Sept. 23 also heard that, apparently, we (the royal ‘we’ as … Continue reading → … Read More

Google Wave: Yet to prove its real usefulness - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Oct 20, 2009

I’ve spent a couple of weeks experimenting with Google Wave – Google’s new real-time communication tool, but am yet to be convinced that for the majority of users it will prove a more useful communication suite than the compelling combination of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chat and Google Talk. What is Wave? It is part email, instant messaging, wiki … Read More