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Moderate to severe mid-life anxiety may be linked to later life dementia - News

Jean Balchin May 02, 2018

An analysis of the available published evidence in the online journal BMJ Open suggests that moderate to severe mid-life anxiety may be linked to dementia in later life. However, it remains unclear as to whether active treatment could curb this risk. Moreover, the degree to which non-drug therapies such as meditation and mindfulness that reduce anxiety might help is unknown also. Read More

Animal venoms don’t just cause pain, they may soon be a cure for it too - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 16, 2018

Richard Lewis, The University of Queensland This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Bites or stings from venomous animals or insects can be dangerous; they lead to numerous fatalities globally each year despite the development of antivenoms that can neutralise many of their worst effects. But research into their molecular components … Read More