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A surprisingly common bad idea - The Dismal Science

Donal Curtin Jun 06, 2014

I try not to read the 'celebrity' gossip that passes for news in some of the trashier media, but even I couldn't quite avoid reading about what's been called the world's most expensive divorce. Earlier this month, a Swiss court awarded Elena Rybolovleva, former wife of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, half of his wealth, which came to 4,020,555,987.80 Swiss francs … Read More

New Zealand’s high prices - The Dismal Science

Donal Curtin May 22, 2014

Professor Norman Gemmell at Victoria has done some really interesting work on how New Zealand prices compare with those overseas. This has been done primarily for the Productivity Commission, which is interested in issues such as the degree to which expensive domestic inputs might be hobbling our export competitiveness, but it's also been a long time research interest of … Read More

Nominate your favourite posts for a Science Seeker award - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 19, 2013

Nominations can be made through the Science Seeker website - search for posts using the search text boxes, click on the cup to nominate a post. Details are on the Science Seeker blog. Browse around sciblogs: if you like something, find the Science Seeker entry for it and nominate it! There’s a range of categories (see below). The winner … Read More

More microscope pr0n winners announced - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Dec 18, 2012

I’ve posted before about the Nikon Small World’s microscopy/photography competition. Today, however, focuses on another Maker of Excellent Photographic Equipment – Olympus. For the last 10 years (says the website), Olympus has been sponsoring an international microscopy (i.e.photographing things with a… Read more › … Read More