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Health costs and the Consumer Price Index - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton May 30, 2017

So Labour and National are scrapping over whether National’s increased or decreased the health budget. There’s no question that health budgets are well up since National took office, whether in per capita terms, real terms, nominal terms, or real per capita terms. Population’s up about 10% since 2008; health budgets in CPI-adjusted terms are up about 29% since 2008. So … Read More

Summer of stats part 3 – what we buy - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 03, 2010

A running series from Statistics New Zealand helping us make sense of the Food Price Index and the Consumers Price Index… Priceshifting – What we buy In recent years, about one sixth of our household spending has been on food. But what about the other five-sixths? What’s in the Consumers Price Index (CPI) provides an interesting snapshot. The CPI measures … Read More