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Eyes wide shut? A different view of knowledge - Mātau Taiao

Laura Goodall Apr 07, 2016

Scientific and Indigenous ways of thinking differ in how they view where knowledge comes from. Many experiments strip the environment away from a piece of knowledge to see if it still holds true. Yet indigenous knowledge has deep links to its origins and can become ‘lost in translation’ without context. This is something that scientifically-trained people can struggle to get their head around at first. Kennedy Warne, co-founder of New … Read More

Teaching Chemistry to Nonscience Majors - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds May 15, 2013

A recent article in Chemical and Engineering News, “Lab Lessons for Reluctant Chemists” describes the work by American tertiary educators to improve the teaching of chemistry to students who will not continue on to further study in chemistry. In order to do this most of these more innovative courses focus on showing students how the process of science works, … Read More