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Book review: What’s so controversial about genetically modified food? - Scibooks

John Kerr Dec 11, 2016

John T Lang’s new book tackles a tough question: What’s so controversial about genetically modified food? The answer is: It’s complicated. While far from satisfying, this conclusion isn’t a cop out. The staggering complexity of our modern food systems is a returning theme in Lang’s small treatise on genetic modification (GM) and food. His observations and insights are … Read More

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011 – Quasi Crystals - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 13, 2011

The story behind Dan Shechtman’s 2011 Nobel prize in Chemistry is absolutely fascinating. It highlights many of the great things about science, as well as highlighting some of the less than complimentary behaviours of some scientists. Professor Shechtman’s discovery of quasicrystals challenged the existing understanding of crystal periodicity. This resulted in hostility from some prominent scientists including Linus Pauling who … Read More