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Why soft climate deals are better than tough ones - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 16, 2015

Richard Fairchild, University of Bath and Baris Yalabik, University of Bath The Paris climate talks have been heralded as a historic deal. But while they have been praised for the very feat of reaching an agreement and for setting an ambitious aim to keep warming below 2℃ and endeavouring to limit it to 1.5℃, the … Read More

Emissions trading at Paris climate talks sets us up to fail - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 15, 2015

Steffen Böhm, University of Essex The Paris Agreement has mostly been greeted with enthusiasm though it contains at least one obvious flaw. Few seem to have noticed that the main tool mooted for keeping us within the 2℃ global warming target is a massive expansion of carbon trading, including offsetting, which allows the market exchange of credits between … Read More

Five things you need to know about the Paris climate deal - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 13, 2015

Simon Lewis, UCL The UN climate talks in Paris have ended with an agreement between 195 countries to tackle global warming. The climate deal is at once both historic, important – and inadequate. From whether it is enough to avoid dangerous climate change to unexpected wins for vulnerable nations, here are five things to help understand … Read More

Paris agreement settled - News

Sarah-Jane O'Connor Dec 13, 2015

Overnight the Paris agreement was settled upon, with a goal to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. It has taken two weeks of intense negotiations, but the decision has been made not just to aim for a target of 2°C, but to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C. Countries will be … Read More

The Paris climate agreement at a glance - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 13, 2015

Emil Jeyaratnam, The Conversation; James Whitmore, The Conversation; Michael Hopkin, The Conversation, and Wes Mountain, The Conversation On December 12, 2015 in Paris, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change finally came to a landmark agreement. Signed by 196 nations, the Paris Agreement is the first comprehensive global treaty to … Read More

This is what will happen to the climate in the next 100 years - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 12, 2015

Katja Frieler, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research At the Paris climate summit, delegates are deciding on a global goal for temperature rise. At the time of publication, the latest draft text calls for the world to “hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2℃ above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts … Read More

Good deal or bad? Emotional turmoil as Paris climate talks draw to a close - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 12, 2015

Clive Hamilton How should we react to the likely outcome of the Paris climate conference? Unless something dramatic happens overnight it is very likely that the news media on Sunday morning will hail the Paris agreement as a breakthrough and a big victory for those pushing for strong action on carbon emissions. Yet on Friday we heard from … Read More

Groser: I’ll be gobsmacked if climate talks fail - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 11, 2015

Outgoing Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser says he’ll be “gob-smacked” if the COP21 climate talks fail to deliver a new accord. He spoke to New Zealand Herald reporterJamie Morton in Paris about his hopes for a deal, New Zealand’s position and leaving politics. We’ve got a New Zealand delegation here that includes both Labour and the Greens. Is this … Read More

Will the Paris agreement side with the angels? - Hot Topic

Cindy Baxter Dec 11, 2015

One of the most beautiful things I saw on my facebook feed last week were some angels at Republique, the scene of the attacks last month.  Those same angels appeared at the entrance to the UN zone at the climate talks out at Le Bourget the other day as we walked into the centre. Today it was the Greenpeace polar bear, … Read More

Climate and the rise and fall of civilisations: a lesson from the past - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 11, 2015

Andrew Glikson, Australian National University 2015 will likely be the hottest year on record, beating the previous record set only in 2014. It is also likely to be the first year the global average temperature reaches 1℃ above pre-industrial temperatures (measured from 1880 – 1899). Global warming is raising temperatures, and this year’s El Niño … Read More