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Gluckman: The New Zealand Science System — into a brave new world - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 22, 2010

Text of a public lecture at NIWA, Auckland given by Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman Thank you for the opportunity to speak. NIWA seems a particularly appropriate venue to address what might at first glance appear to be two apparently unrelated topics — the CRI reforms and the broader issues of public confidence in … Read More

CRI Taskforce: Time for "big picture" thinking in science - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Mar 04, 2010

The CRI Taskforce, which has been looking at the effectiveness of New Zealand’s major scientific research organisations, has issued its report which recommends a major shake-up in the management, funding and governance of them with the aim of moving from “micromanagement by bodies external to the CRIs to one based on big picture thinking”. The press releases from … Read More