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Be a friend of Darwin on Facebook - Chicken or Egg

Hilary Miller Aug 30, 2009

Not that I want to be endorsing Facebook, but this message came through on evoldir this week and I thought it was worth sharing… I’m writing with a special request regarding a campaign that a ragtag group of volunteers on Facebook has created – along with support from E.O. Wilson, Sean Carroll and media partners like National Geographic. The [...] … Read More

Origins of the tree of life - Chicken or Egg

Hilary Miller Aug 22, 2009

 Darwin is usually credited with being the first person to describe relationships among species as a tree.  I’ll admit I always thought this was the case, until this week when some discussion on an evolution email list I subscribe to enlightened me. Darwin used this tree figure in The Origin of Species to illustrate his idea of “descent [...] … Read More