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Side-Stepping Safeguards, Data Journalists Are Doing Science Now - Guest Work

Guest Author May 01, 2021

By Irineo Cabreros News stories are increasingly told through data. Witness the Covid-19 time series that decorate the homepages of every major news outlet; the red and blue heat maps of polling predictions that dominate the runup to elections; the splashy, interactive plots that dance across the screen. As a statistician who handles data for a living, I … Read More

The NZ Aerospace Challenge - Out of Space

Duncan Steel Mar 31, 2019

[avatar user=”duncansteel” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] An open competition soon to start will provide a wonderful opportunity for smart people of any age in New Zealand to take on the challenge of how we might assess water and soil pollution using satellite and drone data. What they might choose to do in attacking such environmental problems is limited only by their … Read More

Budget 2015 visualisations - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff May 26, 2015

The NZ Herald published some great visualisations of Budget data yesterday. My favourite was Harkanwal Singh’s bubble plot that simply shows percentage changes in expenditure categories. The really nice thing about this is that the bubbles move and interact with each other. The result is a slightly chaotic but still very legible breakdown of expenditure. […] … Read More

Proportion of quaxing households - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff May 22, 2015

The next item in the Census challenge is the number of motor vehicles per household, and I thought I’d use this to look at the rate of quaxing in New Zealand cities. By definition households with no motor vehicles must quax, so for each Census area unit I’ve calculated the proportion of such households, for […] … Read More

Rent to income ratio - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff May 14, 2015

Yikes, it’s been too long since I did a Census challenge post. Been busy with work and stuff … The next question is weekly rent for households in rented dwellings. One of the results reported is the median weekly rent. I decided to calculate the ratio of that to median weekly household income (for 2013) […] … Read More

Rented dwellings by type of landlord - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Apr 12, 2015

I haven’t forgotten about my Census Challenge, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a post. The next question summarises rented dwellings by type of landlord. There’s one category for private landlords (individuals, businesses, or trusts) and three categories of “social” landlord: local government agencies, Housing New Zealand, and other central government agencies. I’ve […] … Read More

Visualising freight transport in NZ - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Apr 10, 2015

In March last year the Ministry of Transport published the National Freight Demand Study. Among many other interesting things, the study includes estimates of total freight volumes between regions within New Zealand for each of three modes: road, rail, and coastal shipping. I’ve been working with one of the report’s main authors, Richard Paling, to […] … Read More

Human Development Index visualisation - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Apr 08, 2015

The United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index reflects health, education, and income levels for most countries of the world over time. As part of the Cartagena Data Festival, the UN is running a competition for visualisations of the HDI data. I decided to put together an entry, which you can play with here. The […] … Read More