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Verbalising data - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Feb 11, 2015

I just read this book in which over three days in 1974, Georges Perec attempted to record everything that happened in the Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris. Here is a typical passage: A bus (Globus) three-quarters empty A lady who has just bought an ugly candleholder goes by A small bus goes by: Club Reisen Keller […] … Read More

Meshblock mysteries - The Dismal Science

Aaron Schiff Jan 28, 2015

Warning: This post is unlikely to interest many people. Meshblocks are the basic unit of geographically reported data in New Zealand. They are the smallest geographic areas at which Stats NZ makes data available outside of the datalab. There are three main sources of information about meshblocks: 1. Geographic area files – These are tables […] … Read More

My 10 Commandments of a Data Culture - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Aug 06, 2013

Thou shalt have no data but ethical data. Thou shalt protect the identity of thy subjects with all thy heart, soul, mind and body. Thou shalt back-up. Thou shalt honour thy data and tell its story, not thy own. Thou shalt always visualise thy data before testing. Thou shalt share thy results even if negative. … Continue reading » … Read More