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Intergenerational equity - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 16, 2013

Last week I went to demographer Paul Spoonley’s informative lecture at the Treasury about migration. He started off by noting a conversation he had with his son, where the latter proclaimed that “the baby boomer generation is constructing a future that will leave problems for subsequent generations”. Paul didn’t directly respond to this question in his lecture, but I got … Read More

In which I join the 'hello readers!' meme - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jul 07, 2010

And it’s not just a cheerful greeting, either. Rather, it’s an encouragement for our blogs’ readers to step forward, say hi, and introduce themselves. Started, well, multiple times in various ways, the most recent instance thereof is superhero science blogger** Ed Yong resurrecting his own meme.  ‘Cause you can do … Read More

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