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Another anti-science attack on Mann fails – but the lies continue - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Sep 19, 2012

Once again legal action by climate change deniers/contrarian/cranks has failed. In the US attempts by the  American Tradition Institute, a climate change denial think tank, to obtain personal emails and documents from  the University of Virginia. These documents belong to … Continue reading → … Read More

Fairfax and Stuff.co.nz: presenting propaganda as opinion and lies as fact - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Aug 02, 2012

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece by well-known Aussie climate denier David Evans, and later in the day the Fairfax New Zealand news web site Stuff.co.nz decided to feature the Evans article in their science section. Two small problems for Fairfax: Evans “opinion” piece is nothing more than propaganda masquerading as [...] … Read More

No dallying with denial - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jun 27, 2012

Will Hutton’s Observer column this week was forthright on the folly and danger of climate change scepticism. “Climate change is already hurting and, unchecked, will turn into a catastrophe.”  Against that statement he points to the intellectual bankruptcy of allowing ideological preference for reducing the role of government in society to somehow justify climate change [...] … Read More

Big coal coughs up for climate denial ’conference’, takes NZ sceptics along for the ride - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 16, 2012

As US corporate donors step away from the Heartland Institute following their ad campaign likening climate change believers to mass murderers and terrorists, big coal — in the shape of the Illinois Coal Association, supported by all the major US coal companies — has stepped in as a “Gold Sponsor” to support Heartland’s climate “conference” [...] … Read More

Climate ethics and the reckless endangerment of denial - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 18, 2012

An interesting-looking series of posts has begun on the climate ethics blog of Penn State’s Rock Ethics Institute. The series plans to put the the climate change disinformation campaign under the ethical spotlight. The introductory post written by Associate Professor Donald Brown examines some of the broad issues before planned subsequent posts look at the [...] … Read More

You don't like it? Go somewhere else. - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Nov 24, 2011

Oh, Feynman – you never fail to do other than impress me 🙂 I think this may well turn out to be one of my favourite videos of all time.  In it, brilliant physicist Richard Feynman explains his attitude towards people who, well, doubt science.  Any he explains why he has said attitude. Read More